ORSYP, a leading provider of IT Operations Management solutions, announces the general availability of its Workload Automation for the Cloud packaged services. These new offerings feature a combination of ORSYP software components and Consulting Service resources that have been designed for organizations wishing to automate their Cloud-based IT workload.    

Traditional IT architectures have been based on direct interactions between users, applications and enterprise datasets. With Cloud models, greater complexity is introduced. Solutions such as Big Data present a new paradigm where users, the information they want to interact with, and the processing environments are dispersed. ORSYP's new Cloud strategy delivers the responsiveness and resilience companies need to automate hybrid workloads. Enterprises can now easily adapt to hardware-based, virtualized, and public Cloud deployment models that mix any or all of those approaches.  Due to ORSYP's unique blend of distributed execution and centralized management, IT organizations can move their workloads among these models freely without losing the responsiveness and resilience they require.

Key components of the ORSYP solution include:

Unique Distributed Architecture
ORSYP's approach to distributed execution provides each Cloud application server with the autonomy it needs to automate IT workload, allowing organizations to accelerate performance and maximize availability utilizing a mixed private and public Cloud infrastructure.
SaaS Application Integration
Using advanced Web Services capabilities, workloads generated by on-premises business applications can be rapidly integrated with SaaS solutions.
Big Data Automation
Big Data applications such as Hadoop and SAP HANA generate extremely high volume processing demands. ORSYP's Dynamic distribution capability optimizes utilization of internal and Cloud-sourced server capacity.
Extensive Cloud Platform Coverage
Integrates with leading Cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
Workload Abstraction
Decoupling the link between jobs and the underlying hardware resources means IT administrators have extra flexibility when scheduling workloads to run hybrid environments.  
Commenting on ORSYP's Cloud strategy, Torsten Volk, Research Director at industry analyst Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) said, "In today's world of virtualized environments, with a multitude of cloud hosting options for almost every workload and big data projects taking center stage for an increasing number of organizations, it is essential to ensure SLA-centric IT operations and management. ORSYP offers the type of business integration hub that is robust and scalable on the one hand, and sufficiently flexible to constitute the business process integration backbone for complex big data analytics projects."

"We have seen that workload automation can be a powerful enabler for enterprises wanting to realize the benefits that private and public Clouds bring," said Jean-Michel Breul, Chief Delivery Officer at ORSYP. "The experience we have gained from working with many customers around the world, along with significant R&D innovation, have translated into a powerful set of Cloud automation capabilities. ORSYP solutions deliver the agility IT operations executives need to leverage the Cloud, along with dramatically lower ownership costs."