To help companies increase productivity, reduce risk and better meet regulatory compliance guidelines through improved management of unstructured data, Oracle today announced the launch of its enterprise-class content management technology, Oracle® Files 10g. Built on the Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server, Oracle Files 10g combines unmatched scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness with an array of highly usable tools and services, making it the first content management solution designed for true enterprise-wide deployment.

“The explosion of content within the enterprise—from documents to email, to voice mail to instant messages—is driving the need to provide business users with content management tools to help them make better use of information,” said David Yockelson, executive vice president, META Group. “When this influx of data is combined with the need to address global compliance issues, it becomes clear that traditional approaches to content management solutions—often isolated within departments and/or too costly and difficult to deploy enterprise-wide—are insufficient for today’s business environment.”

Content Management for the Rest of Us

Unlike traditional content management solutions, originally developed to support content specialists in highly regulated document production processes, Oracle Files 10g, available on its own or as part of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, was created with the broader business user population in mind. The result is a content management solution that delivers precisely the functionality users require without changing the way they work. The new release combines familiar file management and sharing capabilities with powerful new policy-based document management functionality such as fine-grained security, automatic versioning, enforced attribution and event-driven workflows. Together, these capabilities help increase productivity by adding structure, context, and intelligence to content without burdening the user with unnecessary information or additional actions. In addition, the product’s rich, intuitive interfaces and flexible, standards-based services architecture enable users to access and manage the information they need when and where they need it.

Compliance Facilitated

In addition to helping increase worker productivity, Oracle Files 10g facilitates regulatory compliance with advanced records management functionality. Oracle Files 10g’s file-plan creation and management processes, as well as its document retention and disposition management capabilities, facilitate compliance with federal, local and industry-specific regulations. Oracle’s consolidated database-centric approach also helps reduce risks that result from proliferation of poorly managed content.

“Regulatory compliance is forcing companies to re-evaluate how they decide what content falls under formal management processes, and unstructured data is looming large in those decisions,” said Greg Doherty, vice president, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Oracle Corp. “Oracle Files 10g can help eliminate uncertainty around unstructured data by enabling customers to better manage it. This allows customers to give users improved access to information and helps them maximize compliance-related IT investments.”

Committed to Extending Business Value of Content Management

Oracle is committed to helping customers maximize the value of Oracle Files 10g, so the product provides a rich set of Web services application programming interfaces. In addition, Oracle is working closely with partners, developers and customers to support integration, automation and functional extension of the product.

“We’re looking forward to Oracle Files 10g, which helps address our need for broad-based content management right out of the box,” said Senior Vice President, Kevin Schrage, Aon Corporation. “We are already taking advantage of Oracle’s robust content management APIs to build out several applications to help us more effectively serve our clients and meet specific business goals.”

About Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g

Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g is the first enterprise class collaboration product built on the right architecture; Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Application Server 10g. The result is a solution that is secure, reliable, highly scalable and enables organizations to drive down total cost of ownership. It is built on service-oriented architecture that allows collaboration to become a seamless part of your application infrastructure, helping drive higher efficiencies and levels of productivity. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g is the foundation for the collaboration-enabled enterprise.