Adoption rates of Oracle Real Application Clusters have increased over the past two years, according to a recently published Forrester report, “Oracle RAC Gains Momentum.” Global customers are relying on database clustering to deliver unparalleled scalability and high availability, which are key requirements for running large, mission-critical business applications. Oracle Real Application Clusters allows packaged and custom database applications to run unchanged across multiple connected or “clustered” servers.

This report, written by Forrester Senior Analyst Noel Yuhanna, assesses the needs of organizations running intensive computing environments and evaluates the benefits of using Oracle Real Application Clusters to meet those specific requirements. According to the report, most Oracle customers stated that Oracle Real Application Clusters met or exceeded their high-availability requirements to support mission-critical database applications. Customers also cite the ability to scale, adapt and improve performance as enterprise applications expand over time as key characteristics for their decision to deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters. According to Oracle, over 5,400 are customers running Oracle Real Application Clusters.

In the report, Yuhanna states, “Oracle Real Application Clusters addresses two key enterprise requirements for mission critical database applications — higher availability and scalability. Although most enterprise database management systems (DBMS) products support high-availability and scalability features, Oracle Real Application Clusters delivers the most innovative and superior solution in the industry.”

The report features customer case studies outlining their deployment of Oracle Real Application Clusters, which cited numerous benefits of using the software including performance, scalability and high availability. By deploying Oracle Real Application Clusters on low-cost commodity servers, they were also able to realize significant cost savings. Thirty-five Oracle customers using Oracle Real Application Clusters were interviewed for this report.