Social CRM enables users to become more effective and productive in their jobs through easy-to-use, focused collaborative applications that become ‘smarter’ by leveraging the collective intelligence of social networks and work both within and outside the barriers of companies.

“‘Enterprise 2.0’ has set a new bar for software applications providers,” said Mary Wardley, VP CRM Applications, IDC. “With Release 15 of Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle is making the concept of Enterprise 2.0 tangible by tying social networking and collaboration directly into their CRM offering.”

Enhanced collaboration in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 15 is driven by the combination of Sticky Notes and a Message Center, allowing back-and-forth commentary that is up-to-date, consolidated, centralized, and easily accessible and viewable through a home page, without having to navigate to specific records. For example, pertinent team members can subscribe to sticky notes, creating a social network that is associated with an opportunity where all members of the network are kept up to date simultaneously.

Customers can take Oracle CRM On Demand objects, such as top accounts or contacts and include them within their web portal applications, such as iGoogle or MyYahoo!, and easily incorporate content from other web applications and RSS feeds. This enables users to continuously access updated key CRM information without having to leave their preferred portal.