Optelecom-NKF, Inc., a leading global supplier of high-grade, digital network equipment for security, surveillance, and remote monitoring applications, today announced the Company’s first-line technical support engineers have completed advanced training on IP networks.

“The training, conducted by IBM Learning Services over an eight-month period, was based on the Cisco certification program, which is widely regarded as the industry standard in network training,” said Jan-Kees van der Meulen, manager of Optelecom-NKF’s Expertise Center in Gouda, The Netherlands. “The specialized training strengthens our position as network experts by bringing to our support engineers in-depth knowledge of the design and implementation of IP-networks for video applications. Our customers recognize that our knowledge is not limited to our product line, but extends to the inner workings, concepts, and details of complete networks.”

“We have an ambitious new product calendar planned for 2006,” commented Edmund Ludwig, Optelecom-NKF’s president and CEO. “This training supports our ongoing commitment to customers to bring them the best in technology and support as they seek solutions to their video network needs. Our support engineers learned the ins and outs of configuring a multicast video network consisting of Cisco routers combined with Optelecom-NKF’s switches and codecs. Their training included designing the IP-plan, configuring routing protocols and multicast, and, of course, troubleshooting.

“This training is a big step forward in preparing the Company for the opportunities and challenges inherit in our market, and strengthening our position as network video experts,” added Mr. Ludwig. “Our industry is dynamic and our technical support staff must stay ahead of the curve by continuing to improve their knowledge and skills. That’s why our Expertise Center is already ramping up a new training program planned for 2006 focused on software integration.”