The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is encouraging families to work together to stay safe online by recognizing and promoting “Safer Internet Day”.

This year “Safer Internet Day” will be on February 7, 2012. This day is organized to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.

This year worldwide over 70 countries will be recognizing “Safer Internet Day” by encouraging everyone, young and old, to make it a habit to use safer practices when navigating online through the various social media platforms.

So much is happening so fast. The online world is a vast arena where people of all ages can learn together, and from each other. This year’s theme “Connecting Generations” is a call for parents to educate themselves, for kids to educate their parents, and for grandparents to step up and understand more. Today’s technology is threatening the safety of online users, and we need to work together to understand the risks.

Cyber bullying, luring and sexting are just some of the areas of vulnerability that confront our young people when they logging in to their electronic devices.

The OPP supports Safer Internet Day, and remains committed to fighting back against the many online dangers that lurk behind our use of social media. OPP officers are working with their many community partners to understand the threats, and to develop programs designed to keep people cyber smart.


“The internet offers a wealth of opportunities for young people to learn, create and communicate. It’s part of our children’s reality. So we must teach them how to effectively search for and evaluate online content,” said Deputy Commissioner Larry Beechey. “Parents must be diligent about this risk.”

“There are many resources available to empower young people, their teachers and their families to make the best possible use of online technology,” said Inspector Leslie Craig, Manager of OPP Crime Prevention Section. “Awareness is prevention, and we will continue our fight against cyber crime and online predators. Know the dangers and share the information. We all have a role to play.”