OpenText announced major enhancements to OpenText Web and Social Analytics with the release of version 2.0 that delivers deep Web usage and social interaction insights in real time so organizations can identify actionable trends and continually optimize all their online initiatives.

Part of OpenText’s online marketing solution set, the new offering allows marketing teams to set goals and generate reports that deliver an uninterrupted view of web activity, including activity on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and show when anonymous visitors transition to recognized, valued customers. OpenText Web and Social Analytics is flexible, cost effective and helps ensure that proprietary usage data and competitive analysis remains in house and safely within corporate control.

For any online marketing or internal communication effort, the ability to measure, monitor, react and respond to user activity in real time is vital to delivering a consistently positive experience. With OpenText Web and Social Analytics, marketers are not restricted to a set of canned reports, limited to a few data elements or forced to wait hours to see how well a campaign is performing — access is real-time, the reports are flexible and raw data is instantly accessible which is critical for online marketing campaigns today.

“Communities have always been a part of OpenText’s collaboration offerings and we extended these capabilities to the Web so our customers can better engage with their customers,” said James Latham, OpenText Chief Marketing Officer. “Our customers have been telling us they need better tools to understand the quality of engagement across their proprietary and community websites, as well as popular social networks. We designed OpenText Web and Social Analytics to provide deeper insights, more control and greater security than what’s possible with consumer-grade analytics tools. We’re confident this will give our customers a distinct competitive advantage and provide greater return from online investments.”

From a marketing perspective, organizations are increasingly adopting social technologies to boost brand sentiment and improve productivity. An important way to measure the return on investment is by monitoring audience engagement. OpenText Web and Social Analytics provides a window into many important metrics such as the most popular content on a site, the number and tone of blog comments, and the most influential people in a community.

Compared to consumer-oriented analytic tools that only monitor web site traffic, OpenText Web and Social Analytics features multiple-dimension reporting that can drill into activity at different levels within a social community website. This information is presented in reports containing multiple panels to provide an activity summary of the different levels or dimensions all on a single screen. Advanced sentiment analysis makes it easy to understand and respond to the tone or sentiment of member contributions within various communities. Another advantage is consistent pricing that doesn’t vary by the amount of traffic or number of sites monitored.