OpenText announced its continued support of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and unveiled record-setting results from a benchmark study it conducted with Microsoft Corp. evaluating the performance and scalability of the OpenText ECM Suite running on the SQL Server 2012 database platform.

Given the volumes involved with content solutions such as email management, mission critical scalability is a very real concern. As part of their strategic alliance, OpenText and Microsoft ran real-world benchmarking tests at the Microsoft Platform Adoption Center (PAC) in Redmond, Wash. The tests measured the peak ingestion of email messages, as well as the throughput when ingestion and dispositions of email messages were running concurrently.

The tests achieved unprecedented levels for ingestion and disposition of email messages. According to the benchmark study, the OpenText Email Monitoring solution running on SQL Server 2012 processed 14.8 million messages in 24 hours. This far exceeds any known published benchmark results for email monitoring solutions and is approximately 15 times higher than the typical message ingestion volume for large organizations that process 1-1.5 million messages per day.

“These results show that no organization is too big to deploy intensive email monitoring solutions in conjunction with SQL Server 2012,” said James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer at Open Text. “Given our highly productive relationship with Microsoft, customers can confidently tap OpenText’s deep understanding of governance and business process management while using Microsoft’s database technology to ensure scalability and availability, as well as to lower their total cost of ownership.”

Managing the massive flood of email flowing through enterprises has emerged as a major challenge for all organizations. Part of the OpenText ECM Suite, the OpenText Email Monitoring solution pulls all of an organization’s email into a managed environment where it is classified and archived or discarded. This helps organizations keep a lid on storage costs, meet retention requirements and streamline e-Discovery processes.

While the test focused on a specific component within the OpenText ECM Suite, the results are relevant to the full range of OpenText applications. This is because the suite’s Enterprise Library layer, which provides a common integration layer for all components in the suite, uses SQL Server 2012 as one of its supported database platforms as do individual content applications. OpenText also works closely with Microsoft to provide enterprise-wide information governance solutions that work with Microsoft SharePoint.

“SQL Server 2012 provides a reliable, cost-effective, high-performance data platform for OpenText solutions, and these benchmark results now show that these solutions support some of the largest and most process-intensive requirements in the world,” said Eugene Saburi, General Manager, SQL Server, at Microsoft. “Working with OpenText, we are helping customers tackle some of their largest and most vital and pressing business challenges while lowering operating costs and improving performance and reliability.”