OpenText, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), announced the extension of a global reseller agreement with SAP, whereby SAP will resell the SAP Hybris Digital Documents application by OpenText. SAP Hybris Digital Documents helps customers digitally transform their businesses and go beyond traditional CRM with a unified platform for engaging digital content and communications. It is complementary to the SAP Hybris Digital Assets Management application by OpenText, a market-leading omni-channel DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution.

Communicating one-on-one with a customer or prospect is critical to every omni-channel strategy. To accomplish this, many companies are moving to digitize their customer communications. SAP Hybris Digital Documents enables businesses to leverage big-data insights to provide proactive, contextualized communications with their customers that are tightly integrated into data and processes running in SAP Hybris solutions, as well as integration with the SAP HANA® platform for analytics.

"Digital transformation is at the core of both OpenText and SAP Hybris solutions, helping enable customers to become a true digital enterprise," said Adam Howatson, chief marketing officer at OpenText. "With a unified platform and personalized communications, SAP Hybris Digital Documents increases the value and completeness of SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hybris Billing by enabling proactive and personalized digital customer communications. SAP Hybris Digital Documents allows businesses to take a critical step towards digitizing their business processes, helping them create a seamless digital journey and consistent, reliable and accurate customer experience. With the strength of these combined offerings, OpenText has been named the SAP Hybris Global ISV Partner of the Year for the second year in a row."

CRM, commerce, marketing and billing communications have multiple point solutions, but typically lack a unified touch point that tightly integrates across all channels and applications. SAP Hybris Digital Documents tightly integrates with SAP Hybris solutions, and is designed to be managed entirely within the SAP Hybris solution with relevant data from systems running the software. SAP Hybris Digital Documents helps customers to:

  • Convert bills into digital customer communication channels with customer-specific customer service, billing and marketing messages with the SAP Hybris Billing solution
  • Drive revenues with personalized store receipts, packing lists, price tags and labels with SAP Hybris Commerce solutions
  • Generate leads and improve satisfaction with personalized emails, and proactive notifications and correspondence
  • Configure individual and mass quotes and contracts with SAP Hybris Commerce, the SAP Customer Relationship Management application and the SAP Configure, Price, and Quote solution
  • Contextualize customer interactions with integration to SAP HANA

Embedded in SAP solutions for customer engagement, SAP Hybris Digital Documents helps companies produce many forms of communication that are customized and unique to the specific recipient. Aimed at eliminating the need for multiple and complex solutions, companies will be enabled to have a unified platform to help simplify omni-channel communications and personalize the information across channels, helping to allow information to be pushed out quickly and consistently by the business.

"Enabling a true omni-channel strategy is key to success for today's businesses," said Brian Walker, chief strategy officer with hybris. "SAP Hybris Digital Documents offers the ability to deliver personalized and unified customer communication, a key element in driving relevant and consistent omni-channel engagement. Our customers can benefit from a simplified digital strategy that combines data and content tailored to each of their channels and audiences."

SAP Hybris Digital Documents and other solution extensions from OpenText resold by SAP are part of the OpenText EIM strategy, enabling organizations to discover and manage information to spur growth and innovation and decrease time to competitive advantage. The OpenText EIM strategy consists of comprehensive and integrated product suites including Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Discovery Suite, Information Exchange and Analytics.