OpenText announced the availability of OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition, version 9 (OpenText Alchemy), the latest version of OpenText’s popular document management solution which helps small-to-medium-sized businesses and departments easily and affordably capture, store, access, distribute and archive business and transactional documents.

“Businesses of all sizes are being required to be accountable for an ever increasing number of documents being generated and received within their organization,” said Matthew Brine, General Manager, OpenText Fax and Document Distribution. “OpenText Alchemy builds on the core tenets of simplicity, usability and reliability to deliver a range of new capabilities in a simple web interface that further streamlines the process of managing the entire data and document lifecycle, from capture to destruction.”

Among the new features in OpenText Alchemy is OpenText’s patented Single Click Entry technology, which allows users to rapidly index a wide variety of documents without pre-defined OCR templates or the need to invest in costly advanced document capture solutions. Unlike many capture products which focus on where data exists within a document, Single Click Entry users are asked to simply identify the format of the data. Once this occurs, Single Click Entry highlights those values for the user regardless of where the values appear or what kind of document they are found within. The user then simply clicks to confirm, so there is no manual keying, no separator sheets and far fewer errors in the data.

Document workflow allows businesses to easily route documents amongst users, further reducing the cycles associated with repetitive review and approval processes. Documents can also be automatically routed based on their metadata, further reducing process cycles and eliminating user errors.

OpenText Alchemy also now includes document retention, which helps companies with their own internal policies and external regulations by ensuring that company documents are retained or disposed of according to a set of defined business rules. These automated document archiving and destruction schedules help protect organizations against compliance and audit issues surrounding documents.

Simple to deploy and use, OpenText Alchemy greatly reduces the demand on IT Support resources by presenting business users with familiar, intuitive interfaces that help them quickly gain confidence storing, accessing and managing their organization’s documents. By simplifying the entire document management process, OpenText Alchemy shortens the time to when businesses can begin reaping the benefits of cost reduction and process efficiencies.