Open Text Corporation the preeminent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, today announced a complete range of fax gateways that give organizations of all sizes a single source for all their fax over IP (FoIP) needs. Easy to implement, the new Open Text Fax Gateway solutions are designed to help customers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by consolidating voice and data network equipment for fax.

FoIP implementations can have many variables, especially in larger and more complex networks. One of the more challenging aspects is figuring out how to properly configure, test and optimize a general-purpose media gateway to act as a fax gateway. By offering purpose-built fax gateways, optimized to work with the Open Text Fax Server, Open Text eliminates this complexity while giving customers and partners a single source for service and support. Open Text is the market leader in enterprise fax solutions offered with integration to the comprehensive management capabilities available in the Open Text ECM Suite.

“We’re seeing more and more interest in fax over IP in organizations of all sizes because it gives them a promising way to lower costs and consolidate resources,” said Matthew Brine, Vice President, Fax and Document Distribution, Open Text. “The combination of our fax gateways and market-leading fax server software makes it easier than ever to deploy a highly sophisticated FOIP solution that can deliver considerable savings and improve business processes.”

Flexibility, Interoperability, Compatibility

Communications networks in many organizations are often intermixed with circuit-switched (telephony) and packet-switched (IP) technologies. Open Text Fax Gateway serves as the bridge between these two divergent technologies and simplifies FoIP implementations by converting telephony communications – fax T.30 signals and TDM protocols – to standards-based SIP and T.38. As a result, Open Text Fax Gateway lets customers leverage data networks for fax transmissions, which can greatly reduce the costs of managing fax-based communications-something that becomes especially important for business processes that depend on mass faxing.

Based on a highly scalable and reliable architecture, Open Text Fax Gateway facilitates network consolidation, boosts fault tolerance and encourages virtualization of Open Text Fax Server to help further reduce TCO. In addition, extensive compatibility testing ensures wide-ranging support for and interoperability with dozens of telephony and IP devices.

A simple user interface – combined with robust diagnostics and reporting – that enables centralized monitoring and management of all FoIP ports also helps to lower TCO. Each gateway is preconfigured for integration with Open Text Fax Server, saving setup time. In larger deployments, automatic failover can sense when a gateway is unavailable and divert faxes to one or more alternative gateways, increasing availability, enhancing disaster recovery and lowering support costs.