Ontario is making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses by streamlining and improving business support services. A big part of this is the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) — intended as a no wrong door approach for anyone involved in planning, launching or building a business. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get about the ONE. Let us know how we can help you at www.ONEBusiness.ca / www.entrepriseROE.ca

1) What is the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)?

On May 15, 2013, Minister Reza Moridi launched the ONE — a network of 90 regional centres that connects Ontario’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and small- and medium-sized businesses with the in-person and online assistance they need to start, grow and succeed. It is a network with a “no wrong door” approach  for anyone involved in planning, launching or building a company — whether it’s a main street retailer, a high-tech start-up or a growing manufacturer.

2) Why has the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) been created?

In the past, the province’s various organizations and personnel offering programs, services and resources supporting Ontario’s entrepreneurial community mostly worked independently of each other. The new ONE integrates nearly 90 centres, located across the province, that strategically work together to support Ontario’s entrepreneurial community. The delivery of this new ONE is a key priority for the Ministries of Research and Innovation, and Economic Development, Trade and Employment. Moving forward, the ministries will continue to work with the ONE to further develop regional strategies and best practices.

3) Where can I access the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)?

The ONE was created to pull together the full-spectrum of programs, services and resources available to Ontario’s entrepreneurs. The less time an entrepreneur has to spend finding and accessing programs and services, the more time they have to focus on “the business of running a business”. The best and most efficient way to connect with the ONE is to visit www.ONEBusiness.ca / www.entrepriseROE.ca. By taking this initial step, you will be able to locate the centre that is closest to you and best suited to address your business needs. Once you contact a ONE Centre, expert staff will match you to the programs, services and resources that meet your needs.

4) Who will assist me at the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)?

The ONE is a collaborative initiative that brings together provincially funded centres/personnel whose primary purpose is to support Ontario’s entrepreneurial community. Each of these centres/personnel offer tailored programs, services and resources to assist the entire range of entrepreneurial clients — from main street businesses to technology-based innovators and from local operations with two employees to global operations with up to 500 employees.

5) When can I begin working with the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)?

If you are a burgeoning entrepreneur, a youth entrepreneur, a technology-based innovator or an established small- or medium-sized business, the ONE is here to help you start, grow and succeed. All you have to do is make a decision to take a step through door number ‘ONE’ by visiting www.ONEBusiness.ca / www.entrepriseROE.ca today!