An American public health expert will lecture Canadian doctors tomorrow about the hidden dangers of wireless radiation from their patients' cell phones, Wifi and other wireless consumer devices.

"We've shown that men who keep phones in their pockets can have problems with infertility and possibly impotence," said Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, President of Environmental Health Trust. "Studies now show that the microwave radiation from tablets and smart phones can penetrate more deeply into the brains of children than adults."

Dr. Davis is an internationally renowned public health specialist and award-winning author of "Disconnect", about the hidden dangers of cell phones. Her previous work has been at the leading edge of issues such as second hand smoke, asbestos, air pollution and climate change.

Last week the Ontario Government announced $150 million in new funding for wireless devices in classrooms starting with students in junior kindergarten.

"If your government is eagerly promoting the use of wireless devices in classrooms," said Davis, "then it's ignoring the World Health Organization's determination that such radiation is a health risk. That's why it's so critical for your doctors to learn how to diagnose the symptoms that are tied with this exposure, especially in children."

Dr. Davis will join a group of Canadian doctors and scientists participating in one of the first full day symposiums describing the causes and symptoms from exposure to wireless devices.

The symposium is designed for Ontario medical doctors and other health care practitioners. The course will offer guidance for doctors to determine if their patients' symptoms are related to using wireless devices.

The course is offered in association with the Environmental Health Clinic of Women's College Hospital in Toronto.