Chan Nai-Ming was convicted last month for trying to distribute three Hollywood blockbusters–“Daredevil,” “Red Planet” and “Miss Congeniality”–on the Internet without licenses. He pleaded not guilty.

“He was sentenced to three months for each count, but they will run concurrently,” a court clerk said. Chan filed an appeal and was freed on bail of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars ($645).

Nai-Ming’s is reputed to be the world’s first successful prosecution over film piracy involving the file-sharing technology.

BitTorrent, created by programmer Bram Cohen, distributes large files quickly by breaking them into many pieces, sharing the pieces among a large number of users and reassembling them upon delivery.

It is widely used to trade copyrighted materials like movies and television shows. It also has many noninfringing uses.,/p>

The Hong Kong government has said the case was the first successful enforcement action against peer-to-peer file sharing. The maximum penalty is four years in jail and a hefty fine.