To help the more than 65 million Americans who struggle to achieve a good night’s sleep due to pain or other causes, the makers of TYLENOL PM and SIMPLY SLEEP announced the launch of, an online community created to help people develop better sleeping habits. The free web site offers a variety of personalized tools and resources, including expert articles, sleeping tips and an interactive Sleep Log.

Visitors to are encouraged to create and manage their own personal sleep plan. At the center of this customized approach is an interactive Sleep Log that allows participants to track their nightly sleep progress. This measurement feature is an effective tool for understanding the importance of sleep and the impact of variables such as pain, stress, diet and exercise and encourages users to discuss their sleep habits/concerns with their doctor. Site users may also compare their progress with the entire online community against a number of criteria, including hours of nightly sleep, the number of sleep interruptions and pre-sleep routines. Member information is anonymous and password protected.

According to Dr. James B. Maas, past chairman of the department of Psychology at Cornell University and author of the best-selling book, “Power Sleep,” tracking one’s sleep with a Sleep Log can be an important step to improving sleep quality, as awareness can inspire individuals to create the ideal sleeping environment.

“Many sleep-deprived individuals are unaware of how their lifestyles and routines impact their sleep,” said Dr. Maas. “Keeping a Sleep Log helps people learn about their own habits and sleep tendencies, and awareness is a key component to helping people achieve the right amount of valuable sleep.”

First-time visitors to create their own password-protected sleep profile by responding to a brief series of questions about their sleep habits. Based on their responses, a personalized sleep page is developed exclusively for them, including customized articles and resources about specific habits and issues, including fatigue, snoring, stress, bedroom environment and other lifestyle factors. It also features exclusive articles and tips from Dr. Maas.