, a Brazilian e-commerce operation, opened the first Facebook online wine store in the world this week, launching a new phase of e-commerce actions aimed especially at users of social networks.

The online wine store at on Facebook has been set up to offer a new buying experience and facilitate the decision process for users who frequent this social network and share common interests.

The concept is to extend the experience of selecting, recommending, selling and delivering wine to the digital ecosystem of Facebook, which now has 19 million users in Brazil. The objective of is to get users to perform all the operations of visiting and purchasing in a safe, convenient, comfortable and rapid manner, without their having to leave the environment – the Facebook environment, that is.

The new store, available at the “Wine Vinhos” page (click on “W Loja”) – which was developed by Giran (, based on a solution created by the Canadian company Elastic Path, a technology partner of Oracle – has the same platform and process for service, selection and recommendation as the store, also developed by Giran. launched its first store on the web in January of 2009, and became the biggest online wine operation in Latin America in less than two years. made its debut on Facebook less than a year ago. The initial aim was to understand the movement of social networks and learn how to interact effectively with network users. The first step was to post a series of relevant items of content on wine such as tips on harmonizing and suggesting different wines. As a result of this work, by April of 2011, the “fan Page” of Brazilian Wine on Facebook had won over more than 4,500 users who “liked” the page. Soon, users began to interact and buy wine at the Wine store. But to put through the purchase, they had to leave Facebook and go to another address on the Web (

“The Wine F-Store (name of the application) offers new experiences in buying and makes the decision process easier for clients, who can receive recommendations from friends on which wines to try, and even make their purchases without leaving the social network. Now, in addition to continuing to offer relevant content, we are also going to facilitate buying in this new environment and reduce the physical and psychic energies required in any purchasing operation,” says Anselmo Endlich, director of IT and marketing at