Sierra Wireless
and OneAccess announced that OneAccess has selected Sierra
Wireless HSPA embedded modules to provide 3.5G mobile broadband connectivity
for the new ONECell35 business router. The ONECell35 uses existing 3.5G
network infrastructure offered by most mobile operators to provide users with
high speed mobile data access.

The ONECell35 multi-service business access router, with its integrated
Sierra Wireless embedded module, offers flexible, secure, multi-service
wireless solutions for enterprise users. The ONECell35 router can be used as a
broadband backup in the event that a fixed DSL connection fails and in
circumstances where wired networks don’t exist or are not economically
feasible. The router can also be used as a temporary network connection –
while fixed wireless service is being installed or receiving maintenance, the
3.5G mobile broadband connection provides a reliable and secure solution.

“We were looking for modules with superior performance and reliability,
and Sierra Wireless embedded modules fit those requirements. The 3.5G wireless
technology provided by Sierra Wireless HSPA embedded modules expands the
ONECell35 router’s flexibility and functionality,” said Bertrand Meis, CEO of
OneAccess. “We understand operators need to enlarge their business services
panel, and OneAccess’ new 3.5G wireless devices, such as the ONECell35, are
offering them new opportunities.”

“Businesses rely on primary and backup network connections to perform
critical operations. Using a high-speed cellular connection offers an
alternative solution for enterprise customers who need to secure a backup for
wired connections or need to acquire network connections immediately,” said
Jim Lahey, Vice President, EMEA for Sierra Wireless. “In the case of
high-quality multi-service network access equipment, there needs to be a
connectivity solution that is dependable, and so we’re very pleased OneAccess
has selected Sierra Wireless embedded modules to deliver that security to its
business router.”

The ONECell35 router includes an integrated firewall with the latest
security functions, such as stateful inspection, standard and extended access
lists, session monitoring and limiting to provide a secure environment for
enterprise communication. The ONECell35 router utilizes the integrated Sierra
Wireless modules to offer HSPA network access at peak data speeds of up to
7.2 megabits per second (Mbps) on the downlink and up to 2.0 Mbps on the