And, as Santa knows, the advantages of cell phone ownership for teenagers range from a sense of security to fostering responsibility regarding the understanding and timely payment of bills.

But with rising cell phone costs, capabilities to surf the Web, download games and ringtones from the Internet, take pictures, text message and more, Santa is left pondering this year’s hottest teen holiday request.

That was before his elves presented him with a cell phone plan that’s sure to please parents and teens alike — all the way from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Using “Off the Hook,” teens wanting a cell phone log onto where they will find professionally written emails to send their parents, explaining they understand the responsibilities that go along with cell phone ownership. And, these teens have a chance to win an iPod Nano.

“Off the Hook” is a free service and includes a contract for teens to print and discuss with parents that details everything, including the amount of minutes and text messages allowed each month, cell phone etiquette (for instance, cell phones are not to be turned on in class or at the dinner table) and roaming/long distance charges.

The “Off the Hook” contract also stipulates that the bill will be discussed each month and that teens are responsible for explaining who calls and text messages are sent to and received from.

Not only does “Off the Hook” promote stronger communications between parents and teens, it provides an opportunity for teens to learn about bill payment, while further ensuring their safety.

In fact, studies show that teens use cellular telephones daily to call for assistance with vehicle breakdowns, personal emergencies, and to report accidents or criminal activities. And, being able to call mom and dad or even 911 when a crisis demands, especially during the holiday season when parties run late and drivers may be impaired, is priceless (and painless with “Off the Hook”).