McAfee, Inc. the leading dedicated security technology company, and msystems a leader in smart personal storage, today announced that the one-millionth msystems U3(TM) smart drive bundled with U3 Anti-Virus Powered by McAfee has shipped.

“This significant milestone shows that consumers want to secure their applications and files wherever they are,” said Todd Gebhart, senior vice president worldwide consumer and mobile sales, McAfee. “According to Gartner, USB flash drive shipments worldwide will experience 22% unit CAGR 2004-2010*.

McAfee is excited to partner with msystems to offer a truly differentiated product that meets the consumer’s need for flexibility, mobility and peace of mind.”

“We believe that the award-winning U3 smart drives are an important element in a second wave of growth for USB flash drives,” said Noam Kedem, vice president of marketing for msystems. “This one-million milestone with McAfee represents the increasing value that our customers are placing on useful applications pre-loaded on U3 smart drives.”

A recent survey commissioned by msystems indicates that the USB flash drive (UFD) market is evolving and features such as data security are influencing customer purchasing decisions to a greater degree compared to previous analysis. McAfee anti-virus software pre-loaded on U3 smart drives from msystems answers customer concerns regarding UFD security uncovered by the survey.

U3 smart drives host not only data and files, but U3 smart software programs, personal user preferences and the means for managing them. Building on the success of its patented category within the USB Flash Drive industry, msystems’ U3 smart drives enable consumers to securely store, access and control their personal information and applications from any PC running Windows 2000 or XP, anytime and anywhere. Equipped with a versatile platform containing a powerful microprocessor at its core, the U3 smart drive fuses the power of U3 Anti-Virus Powered by McAfee and other software with the USB flash drive.

U3 Anti-Virus Powered by McAfee is an easy-to-use anti-virus application that users can carry with them on their U3 smart drives to protect their data and computers from viruses. U3 Anti-Virus Powered by McAfee leverages the award-winning McAfee virus scanner, providing strong virus recognition and removal techniques to keep personal data and programs safe. U3 Anti-Virus Powered by McAfee can scan the U3 smart drive each time the drive is used, as well as scan the host computer on demand.