One in five Canadians admit to being a Last-Minute Larry: Holiday Shopper Profiles Revealed

    With just over one month until Christmas Eve,
    holiday decorations are in full swing, the malls are bustling and the familiar
    smells of peppermint and hot chocolate are all around. But as the happy
    holiday season approaches, anxiety levels of Canadian shoppers have just moved
    into overdrive as they prepare their shopping lists, budgets and numerous
    trips to the malls. To better understand and prepare for the shopping season,
    MasterCard Canada today revealed insight into Canadian shoppers with the
    MasterCard Canada Holiday Shopper Classification. Divided into four
    categories, the findings paint the picture of what all shoppers endure,
    appreciate and dread as the holiday shopping season is upon us.

    The Holiday
    Shopper Classification revealed four profiles: stressed for the season (19%);
    pragmatic shoppers (30%); shop-aholics (24%); super shoppers (27%).

    “The MasterCard Holiday Shopper Classification provides an in-depth look
    into Canada’s shopping behaviours during the holidays,” said David MacDonald,
    Vice President, Environics Research Group. “Across the country, Canadians look
    forward to the holidays, but how they approach the season and their actions
    vary significantly by age, gender and location.”

    The MasterCard Canada Holiday Shopper Classification was developed by
    surveying Canadians about how they shop during the holiday season, who they
    shop for and how they budget. Canadian holiday shoppers have been grouped into
    four categories that support specific shopping behaviours and attitudes.

    According to the findings, almost half of Canadians (48%) have 10 or more
    people on their list. Atlantic Canadians (61%), Manitobans/Saskatchewans (65%)
    and Albertans (60%) lead the charge with 10+ shoppers. One in ten (10%)
    Canadians confess they’ll spend more than $2,000 this holiday season and
    another one-third (34%) will spend under $500. One-third (34%) of shoppers
    claim they will complete their lists with only one or two trips to the mall,
    but the majority of Canadians (40%) say they’ll need three to five trips this
    holiday season.

    “We’re challenging Canadians to learn a little bit more from Santa this
    year by making a list and checking it twice,” said Jennifer Reed, Vice
    President, Public Affairs, MasterCard Canada. “The holidays are a time to
    rejoice and celebrate. And a small time investment upfront to prepare a
    shopping plan, holiday list and budget means more time to be with family and


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