OfficeBook Inc., a privately held software development firm, announced the beta release of its flagship product, OfficeBooks. OfficeBooks is the first completely free web-based business management suite. It enables small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses to manage their day-to-day operations in the cloud.

Businesses often manage their operations using a variety of paper forms, programs, spreadsheets, databases and sticky notes. To complicate matters, companies today often have people working from a variety of places: in home offices, on the road, and in the office. OfficeBooks is designed to keep information all in one place and accessible to everyone. “OfficeBooks is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses,” said John Hunter, President and Founder of OfficeBook. “We have developed OfficeBooks based on our experience running a small, ISO 9000 registered high-tech manufacturing facility. Our system uses a simple set of core tools: contact management, sales orders, inventory control, purchasing, work orders, invoicing, file management, invoicing and cash flow. OfficeBooks is the ideal solution for companies looking to better manage their operations. It keeps everyone in the loop and focused on getting things done. Best of all, it is completely free with no upfront or ongoing costs.”

OfficeBooks’ free cloud computing approach represents a serious challenge to conventional business management systems. Cloud computing systems, unlike conventional business systems, only require an Internet connection to function. There is no special hardware, software or IT staff required. “OfficeBooks really simplifies the transition to a well-designed business management system. The key to getting anything done in business is to take action,” said John Hunter. “OfficeBooks is designed to generate action items automatically, based on your business situation. So no task gets overlooked or forgotten. Business people can shift their focus from building their IT infrastructure to building their business, and trust OfficeBooks to handle the details.”