NVIDIA Corporation today introduced the NVIDIA Quadro® FX 600 PCI, a professional 3D graphics solution that extends a user’s workspace by up to eight high-resolution, digital flat panels powered by one NVIDIA-based PC workstation.(1) Armed with all NVIDIA Quadro FX features such as stereo 3D viewing, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI powers interactive visual “roaming” of huge data sets such as downloads of satellite imagery via a 256MB frame buffer. Ideal for driving applications in markets including geospatial and medical imaging, this PCI implementation can also serve as an advanced graphics console in servers.

“The NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI is a scalable, cost-effective graphics board that helps solve complex scientific and technical challenges facing the intelligence and medical communities,” said Sarang Ghatpande, senior analyst at DH Brown. “By breaking through barriers set by the limits of legacy technology, this new graphics product allows cartographers, radiologists, or any user with PCI-based workstations or servers to interactively visualise vast amounts of data using multiple high resolution displays without sacrificing performance.”

New features and benefits of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI solution include:

– Two single-link DVI-I outputs – providing tremendous display flexibility, with the ability to power two nine mega-pixel displays or multiple CRTs and/or digital flat panels. (2)
– A stereo connector and full support for OpenGL quad buffered stereo – allowing users to create immersive environments with multiple stereo displays or a mix of stereo and standard resolutions.
– Full compatibility with PCI Express architectures – ensuring buyer investment protection.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI features the industry’s only true 128-bit floating-point graphics pipeline providing images with millions of colours in a broad dynamic range, stunning visual quality, and the highest degree of accuracy. Industry-leading 12 bits of sub pixel precision eliminates rasterization anomalies. Full support for OpenGL® 1.5 and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 programmability as well as high level shading languages enables professionals to build sophisticated real-time shaders for simulating a virtually unlimited range of physical characteristics and surface properties.

In addition, NVIDIA offers one of the broadest professional application certification programs in the industry. Like all NVIDIA graphics solutions, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI uses the NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture, a set of backward-and-forward, top-to-bottom compatible graphics drivers that optimise application performance, stability, and reliability.

Available in April, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 600 PCI will be sold by add-in card partners such as PNY (US and Europe), Leadtek (Asia/Pacific), and Elsa (Japan), as well as value-added resellers and system builders.