NVIDIA Corporation, a worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, announced that the Company is working with Hybrid Graphics Ltd. to deliver a one-stop, native-accelerated 3D API stack for mobile phone manufacturers and developers.

Until now, mobile phone OEMs would typically purchase silicon and
high-level software from different vendors — increasing integration time and reducing system performance. By integrating Hybrid’s high-level M3G (JSR 184) solution over the optimized OpenGL ES drivers for the NVIDIA GoForce family of graphics processing units (GPUs) for wireless handsets, NVIDIA can now immediately provide developers with a seamlessly optimized and supported 3D graphics platform.

“The collaboration between NVIDIA and Hybrid marks the introduction of one of the industry’s first truly integrated, fully optimized Java 3D graphics API solutions offered by a GPU vendor,” said Neil Trevett, vice president of embedded content at NVIDIA. “Handset manufacturers can now rely on a single vendor for a full suite of optimized high and low-level 2D and 3D graphics APIs for their developer community. This is the beginning of a long term relationship where our two companies will work together to provide leading-edge, integrated, open standards-based media API solutions to the wireless industry.”

Through this partnership, NVIDIA will expand its software development toolkit for mobile phones by integrating Hybrid’s Mobile Framework V6 — which includes support for OpenVG 1.0, a SVG (scalable vector graphics) Tiny player, and Java bindings for both OpenGL ES (JSR 239) and SVG (JSR 226).

“Both Hybrid and NVIDIA are focused on delivering technology that fundamentally transforms the wireless market. Hybrid’s experience and quality in delivering 3D and 2D graphics software technology to consumer electronics devices is unmatched and NVIDIA has been a pioneer in the world of hardware media processing for over a decade — we believe it’s a perfect partnership,” said Panu Wilska, vice president of sales and marketing at Hybrid Graphics. “Through this close collaboration, we are working to raise the bar for integrated hardware and software platforms to enable higher quality and better performing Java- and Open GL ES-based 3D content on millions of mobile devices.”