Nureva Inc., an early-stage technology company, announces a large-scale initiative to research the use of its Troove digital portfolio software, with participation available for up to 500 schools in the United States and Canada. Each selected school will receive a one-year subscription to Nureva Troove digital portfolio software in exchange for their feedback and insight. Selected schools will also receive training, a step-by-step implementation guide for Troove software along with personalized consultation for the 2015–16 school year. Applications are open through September 30, 2015, and will be evaluated as received.

To be eligible to participate, a minimum of three teachers from the school will be required to actively use the software throughout the school year and give Nureva product feedback. Nureva will provide active, ongoing support to participants to ensure their success. Participants will have the opportunity to shape product development direction through their participation.

"Deeply understanding how teachers and students use products that we develop is critical to us," said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva's CEO. "Through this initiative, our ambition is to work closely with the selected teachers to support their use of Troove digital portfolio software in the classroom – we'll learn as they learn."

Product highlights
Troove digital portfolio software is a cloud-based solution designed for K–12 students to provide evidence of their learning progress, reflect on their learning and receive ongoing input from teachers and parents. Troove software provides alignment to curriculum standards, including Common Core State Standards, and assessment using ready-made, teacher-leveled rubrics.

Troove software addresses many of the common challenges in K–12 education today.

Teachers are able to quickly and easily assess student work by linking projects and activities to Common Core State Standards using ready-made, teacher-leveled rubrics. Teachers can also modify the rubrics and create custom rubrics for projects that have additional learning goals.

Teachers can invite parents to participate in their child's learning journey, giving them a clear picture of progress and enabling them to better engage and support their child.

As students reflect on their work within Troove software, they're able to capture thoughts on what and how they are learning. These metacognitive skills help increase students' self-awareness and understanding about how they learn best.

Students develop ownership of their learning goals and outcomes. They showcase evidence of their achievements within their digital portfolio, which moves with them as they progress through school, helping them with college and career readiness.

From the dashboard in Troove software, teachers measure the students' level of activity through class analytics. They receive alerts of project activity, giving insight into the flow and frequency of communication and student progress.

Students are connected to classmates within Troove software, letting them give each other feedback and support. Parents can also view and post comments on their child's work.