Using the same advanced optical technology designed to track defense missiles, rocket scientist Brian Barsamian developed Kid-Print, an app that turns your smart phone camera into a portable, professional grade, touch-less digital fingerprint scanner. Kid-Print, a product of Yotta Innovation, allows parents to create high-resolution fingerprint ID's and security profiles for their entire family, as easily as taking a picture.

The fingerprint resolution of Kid-Print is unparalleled.  Even the best fingerprint scanners on the market require expert training in order to get a readable print, and often fail to pick up the faint prints of young children and the elderly who have softer prints.   With the Kid-Print touch-less scanner's micro-stabilization and tracking features, anyone who can operate the camera on a smart phone can get a perfect set of fingerprints on the young, old, and in-between – and they don't even have to be sitting still.

Kid-Print gives parents the power to act fast in those first critical moments of a crisis when every second counts.   A child's electronic security file, including fingerprints, photos, and other vital information necessary in an emergency, can be distributed to law enforcement officials in an instant with the click of a button.

Brian Barsamian, father of two young children, holds advanced degrees in aerospace engineering, and is the founder of an elite aerospace design firm in Newport Beach, California.   Two years ago, he attended a child-safety conference that changed his life.  "The complexity of child safety issues facing parents and law enforcement is terrifying.  I realized I could bring a substantial amount of the cutting technology used in the aerospace industry to these problems, and make a real difference."

Barsamian brokered a licensing deal with several different aerospace technology development companies, which allowed him to pioneer the app that drives the high-resolution Kid-Print digital fingerprint scanner.

The Kid-Print smartphone app (iOS and Android) will be available to the public in early December.   For more information go to: