Nortel is empowering
enterprises to boost contact center performance and provide superior customer
service with the availability of Nortel Contact Recording and Nortel Quality
Monitoring solutions.

Three Nortel customers – Communication Services for the Deaf, Inc. (South
Dakota), Lansforsakringer AB (LFAB) (Sweden) and Northern Tool + Equipment
(Minnesota) – are using Nortel Contact Recording and Nortel Quality Monitoring
to provide faster, more effective responses to customer needs and track and
leverage best practices across their service organizations.
The Nortel Contact Recording and Nortel Quality Monitoring suite,
developed with Witness Systems, allows businesses to record and monitor all
customer interactions so that more information can be captured for each
customer. This helps businesses reduce costs and drive differentiation by
assuring that customer interactions maximize revenue, increase customer
loyalty, obtain valuable intelligence and capture best customer service
practices and competitive insight.

The new products can be deployed independently or with the Nortel Contact
Center solution and provide recording and archiving of all contacts to help
customers with regulatory compliance. This is particularly important in the
financial sector, for example, to quickly confirm that trades and transactions
are executed accurately.

Lansforsakringer AB, an insurance customer with more than 6,000
employees, is using Nortel Contact Recording to log contact center and staff
calls for compliance when giving financial advice to customers. Call recording
is also being employed to capture potential threats to damage control officers
who inspect damages and settle financial issues with clients.

“As an insurance company, we need to ensure financial compliance
throughout our operations,” said Alf Kjeller, telecom manager,
Lansforsakringer AB. “Nortel Contact Recording helps us achieve that goal, as
well as capture potential fraud attempts or threats to our insurance policy.
This endorses our overall credibility in the marketplace and increases the
confidence of our customers.”
Communication Services for the Deaf handles customer service calls and
technical help for deaf, hard-to-hear and the general customer base on behalf
of large communications service providers. The company is using Contact
Recording and Nortel Quality Monitoring to log all calls and measure customer
service quality for contractual compliance.

“The contact recording and quality monitoring solution is easy to use. It
is completely intuitive and extremely powerful in terms of data capturing and
call recording,” said Sonja Borchardt, senior manager, Business Technology,
Communication Services for the Deaf. “Nortel was the only vendor that enabled
IP telephony on the agent side without us having to give up any of our legacy
quality programs.”
The Nortel Contact Recording and Nortel Quality Monitoring suite protects
customers’ existing investments by capturing interactions in either IP or
traditional telephony environments. The suite is also controlled and
administered through a single user interface across an entire enterprise.

Northern Tool + Equipment, a multi-channel retailer of high quality tool
and equipment products, is applying the new Nortel solutions to standardize
quality monitoring throughout its contact centers. This allows Northern Tool +
Equipment to improve quality and productivity by strategically sampling agent
performance based on skill sets, as well as record agents’ screen activity for
data accuracy.

“The system from Nortel embraces a customer-based environment, which is
the foundation of the Northern Tool business. The more we can learn about what
our customers want and need, the better we can serve them,” said Chris Erath,
director, Customer Contact Centers, Northern Tool + Equipment. “With Nortel
Quality Monitoring, we can now measure and manage the quality of all our
agents and ensure an optimum level of customer service.”

Nortel has deployed more than 60,000 contact centers and 8,000
self-service solutions worldwide in the last five years. Nortel contact center
solutions support an estimated four million agents handling 200 million calls
per day worldwide. The Nortel self-service portfolio encompasses an advanced
suite of scalable self-service platforms to meet the requirements of customers
of all sizes – small businesses, large enterprises and service providers.
Nortel’s complete, turnkey solutions include a VXML certified IVR portfolio,
graphical user interface (GUI) tools, speech technology, and network services.
Nortel has designed and deployed over 200 applications in more than 16
countries, according to Frost and Sullivan market research.