Nokia announced today that its Networks business group has successfully completed a High Speed Downlink Packet Access call, reaching the speed of 3.2 Mbps, at its facilities in Beijing, China. The call underlines Nokia’s strong position in HSDPA development.

The data call, which achieved stable throughput, was made in a Nokia network using a test terminal. Earlier this year, the Nokia Research Center in China completed the industry’s first High Speed Uplink Packet Access) demonstration.

The first commercial HSDPA software release for network infrastructure offering up to 1.8 Mbps download speeds will be available in 2005 from Nokia, followed by a simple software upgrade to 3.6 Mbps starting mid 2006 according to commercial terminal availability.

“Nokia is encouraged by the results of its HSDPA development work in China,” said Keith Sutton, Vice President, Technology Office, Networks, Nokia China. “The high speed HSDPA call is part of our ambitious HSDPA development timetable. It further demonstrates Nokia’s strong capability in 3G, offering world class performance for our customers. The announcement today reaffirms our position as the leading 3G mobile infrastructure and solution partner in China area as well as our commitment to the market. ”

Nokia has a substantial R&D commitment to China having six R&D units including two 3G R&D Centers covering both radio and core network technology development. Besides the Nokia MetroSite 50 WCDMA Base Station, the Nokia Flexi WCDMA Base Station recently launched will be made available for the China market in order to allow operators to build their network in a totally new way, with unprecedented rapidity and low cost.

The Nokia HSDPA solution is a software upgrade to the WCDMA 3G network that offers end users significantly faster download speeds. Operators upgrading their networks with the Nokia HSDPA solution can take advantage of improved data rates and throughput, enhancing the efficiency of the network to support a higher number of users at a lower cost per user. The Nokia HSDPA solution allows operators to provide enhanced end-user services at significantly lower cost per bit. Currently, several operators are testing the first HSDPA release, showing encouraging test results.

Later, an upgrade to High Speed Uplink Packet Access with enhanced upload speeds, will be available in a similar manner. Nokia’s upload speed is today already 384 kbps. Nokia currently has over 20 HSDPA contracts, 7 of which have been published.