Nokia may have somehow fallen behind in terms of mobile phone sales in recent years. In fact, it is currently experiencing eroding market share in the smartphone market, with the iPhone and the Android smartphones getting even more popular. In order to take advantage of its remaining market share globally, Nokia has launched its most affordable phones to date in the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 mobile phones.

Nokia may have realized that it may be quite a difficult challenge competing in the high end smartphone market for now. That may be the reason why it brings some more focus on the basic feature phone market to which it still has some level of success, especially in the developing countries. Its new Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 phones will be out to compete with those dirt cheap China-made mobile phones with sometimes uncertain quality to them. At least, Nokia is bringing in some quality in coming up with its new low-end mobile phones.,

The Nokia 100 and the Nokia 101 is somewhat similar in terms of basic features, the main difference is that the Nokia 101 offers a dual SIM feature. Additionally the Nokia 101 features an MP3 player and support for up to 16GB microSD external memory card. The new Nokia 101 phone is expected to come out in the third quarter of this year at an affordable price of US$35 while the Nokia 100 will be out sometime in the fourth quarter and will retail for US$30.