Nikon announces a partnership with T-Mobile USA, Inc. that enables owners of the new Nikon COOLPIX S7c digital camera to access T-Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Service in order to be able to wirelessly share photos with family and friends. Coinciding with the launch of Nikon’s COOLPIX S7c, the Wi-Fi service called “COOLPIX CONNECT” makes it possible for users of the new camera to take high-quality photos and send them via e-mail* through a direct high-speed Wi-Fi connection at T-Mobile’s U.S.-based Hotspot locations. The COOLPIX S7c is a 7.1 megapixel, 3x Nikkor Zoom ED lens camera that combines high-quality imaging performance, style and impressive new photo-sharing technology.

“The S7c is the most technologically advanced compact digital camera that Nikon has ever released,” says Bill Giordano, General Manager Marketing, COOLPIX for Nikon, Inc. “Nikon’s all-new COOLPIX CONNECT service allows users to take pictures with the new COOLPIX S7c camera and send them to family and friends across the globe. The partnership with T-Mobile provides customers with the opportunity to share their images easily and seamlessly.”

Working with T-Mobile, Nikon’s COOLPIX CONNECT provides Nikon COOLPIX S7c users with Wi-Fi service that offers unmatched convenience and ease of use. The first time that a COOLPIX S7c user connects the camera to the T-Mobile network at any of the thousand T-Mobile HotSpot locations nationwide, that user’s one year of complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot service is automatically activated**. Choosing Wi-Fi mode on the COOLPIX S7c in a U.S.-based T-Mobile Hot Spot location automatically connects the camera to the T-Mobile network, activates the complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot service, and readies the camera to share pictures through a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

The T-Mobile HotSpot service enables a total of up to 50MB of images to be sent to a T-Mobile server and stored for a maximum of two weeks. The server sends an email to each specified recipient with a thumbnail and a link to a Web page, thereby allowing COOLPIX S7c users to invite friends and family members to view the images right away, download full-resolution versions of the images to their own computer, or enjoy the images as a slideshow.

COOLPIX S7c customers can access T-Mobile HotSpot service in more than 7,000 U.S. locations, including convenient venues such as select Starbucks( , Borders( FedEx Kinko’s( Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Red Roof Inn( locations, Sofitel and Novotel hotels, airline clubs of American(R), Delta, United(R) and US Airways, and many airports. For a complete list of T-Mobile HotSpot locations and more information about T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi broadband service, please visit

The COOLPIX S7c digital camera will be available nationwide in September 2006 with an MSRP of $349.95. For more information about this and other COOLPIX cameras, please visit

* Images sent via COOLPIX Connect can be sent only from the U.S.

** One year of complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot service begins from the first time you automatically connect your COOLPIX S7c digital camera to the T-Mobile network at a T-Mobile HotSpot location within the U.S. T-Mobile HotSpot service does not include access to the Internet at any Wi-Fi roaming locations. This offer expires on September 30, 2007.