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Here is a short sample: “Everything I’ve heard about the new Intel-based Mac has been great. It seems to me that between its popularity and the strong iPod demand we frequently read about, that Apple should have good upside potential this quarter.”

McWilliams looked at these following topics, among others:

— In his Q4 earnings preview, McWilliams warned members that Apple’s then
$85 price was too high. Now that the stock has dropped to what he
projected would be a more reasonable target, what does he think of the

— In 2005, when JDS Uniphase was trading for about half of what it is
today, McWilliams flipped from a bearish to bullish stance. What does
he think about the company’s valuation today?

— How is McWilliams looking to profit from the race by telecom and cable
companies to deliver broadband multimedia?

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