You Software today introduced You Control 1.1, a collection of 15 powerful menu utilities for Mac OS X that make it easy to create custom menus that provide fast access to your files and folders and put useful information at your fingertips. You Control Version 1.1 includes three new menu modules and improved performance that makes working with Mac OS X easier and more efficient.

Three New Menu Modules That Make Mac OS X Work the Way You Want It To

Version 1.1 of You Control adds three new modules for a total of 15 menu modules compared to the 12 modules included in the original version of You Control. You Control menus can be located in the Macintosh Menu Bar or any corner of your display. You Control menus can also be accessed anywhere on the Mac desktop by using customized key commands.

New Mail Module—The new Mail module lets you keep on top of unread email without weeding through the distraction of all of the other email in your inbox. The Mail module shows you how many unread messages you have and shows you the account and mailbox containing the unread messages. Clicking on the Mail module opens just the unread message, not your entire mailbox. You Control 1.1 supports Apple Mail. Other mail clients will be supported in the future. Registered users will receive automatic updates as new email clients are supported.

New System Preferences Module—The new System Preferences Module allows you to quickly and easily access any individual system preference setting quickly and easily. Specific preferences can be accessed from a pull down menu listing all of the individual settings or from a list of preference categories including Personal, Hardware, Internet & Network and System.

New User Switching Module—You Control’s User Switching Module lets you access the Mac OS X Fast User Switching feature from any You Control menu, not just the Menu Bar. Long unwieldy user names can be replaced with an icon in the Menu Bar. You Control makes user switching more convenient while leaving security features and other functionality of OS X Fast User switching intact.

You Control 1.1—Snappier and More Worldly

You Control version 1.1 provides snappier menu response that speeds up browsing through deep file and folder-systems and large iTunes libraries. News, Weather and Stock reader performance has also been improved. The Weather module in version 1.1 now supports global weather conditions. Weather feeds can be accessed by simply entering a city name. If a city name is used in more than one location, for example Moscow, Russia or Moscow, Idaho, you can select the appropriate city from a list.

A Single Engine for Efficient Operation and a Consistent User Experience

Unlike a collection of disparate utilities each with its own user interface and intricacies pulled together from different developers, You Control menu modules have a consistent user interface and predicable behavior that cuts the learning curve. Instead of launching multiple programs to use separate menu utilities, You Control uses a single efficient engine that reduces computing overhead requirements.

One Stop Shopping and Excellent Value

With You Control 1.1 users no longer have to search through multiple Web sites to find the best menu-based utilities. You Control, which sells for $69.95, now includes 15 modules for an average price of $4.66 per module. Competitive offerings, if they are available, range from $5.00 to $25.00 each and perform just one of You Control’s functions.

You Control has been widely recognized as one of the most promising new collections of utilities for Mac users to come along in years. You Control 1.0 was selected as one of the Best of Show for Macworld 2004 and has received numerous accolades from the mainstream Mac press. The You Control development team has a well deserved reputation for designing great Mac software and includes members of the engineering team that developed the original Now Utilities, the best-selling custom menu software and utility collection for Macintosh computers.

“These new modules are the first of many we will be adding to You Control. We’re adding three new modules to bring even more value to You Control’s already powerful collection of award-winning menu-based utilities and to show our commitment to developing a complete line of productivity software that will fundamentally make the software you already own easier to use and customize, so your computer works the way you want it to,” said Craig Barnes, You Software CEO.

Pricing and Availability

You Control for Mac OS X, is available today through and selected software resellers including and for $69.95. Registered users of You Control 1.0 with an Internet connection can receive an automated update at no charge. Free fully functional demonstration versions of You Control 1.1 are available for download at You Software has reset the demonstration period for You Control. This means that even if you had an earlier demonstration version of You Control that has expired, you can download You Control 1.1 and begin a new trial period. For more detailed information about new features and upgrade policies for You Software or You Control please visit: