Corel Corporation today announced the debut of WordPerfect® MAIL, the company’s new standalone email client that provides lightning-fast, Web-speed email search for users to take control of the vast information stored within their email clients. Available today online and now shipping to resellers worldwide, the new WordPerfect MAIL reinforces WordPerfect Office’s reputation as the world’s preferred alternative to Microsoft® Office, and uniquely positions Corel as the only office suite vendor to offer a world class, full-featured alternative to Microsoft Outlook®.

Based on the technology that powered the highly-regarded Bloomba email program from Stata Labs, now owned by Yahoo!®, WordPerfect MAIL will leverage Corel’s extensive worldwide distribution channels to become one of the most widely available alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. WordPerfect MAIL makes it easy for any user to quickly import email, folders and contacts from other leading email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Eudora®.

Engineered for the Desktop, for Small Businesses and Home Users

Supporting both POP3 and IMAP email protocols, and unlike competing offerings, WordPerfect MAIL is specifically designed for use on individual desktops–without an expensive in-house email server. For small businesses or home PC users that depend on email to communicate, stay informed and manage their time effectively, WordPerfect MAIL is designed to help users reduce the two biggest problems that afflict most email clients: email overload and spam.With astonishing speed and accuracy, WordPerfect MAIL’s search capabilities can find information buried in the furthest corner of email folders, calendars or contact lists, at speeds dozens of times faster than competing products. WordPerfect MAIL also helps keep email inboxes clean and organized with innovative filing capabilities and spam protection.

“The addition of WordPerfect MAIL to the Corel product family supports WordPerfect Office’s position as the only truly viable alternative to Microsoft Office,” said Richard Carriere, General Manager for Office Productivity at Corel. “With the addition of a world-class email client, Corel is advancing its commitment to consumers and small businesses. No other office suite vendor offers value-priced products for consumers and small businesses that are as comprehensive and easy to use as those offered by Corel.”

Carriere continued: “The technology behind WordPerfect Mail was originally conceived with a question: Why is it you can find anything on the Internet, but you can’t find an e-mail you sent last week? With that question in mind, Stata Labs developed Bloomba, the world’s first search-based email program. Now the same outstanding email experience is available thanks to WordPerfect MAIL.”

“Today we’re seeing an increasing number of inquiries from customers seeking value-priced software alternatives, and this has been Corel’s sweet spot. Until now, there hasn’t been an alternative to Microsoft Outlook that consumers and small businesses could choose knowing that it is value-priced, widely available and reliably supported,” said Ray Gedeon, Vice President – Corporate Marketing at Softmart. “WordPerfect MAIL fulfills a clear customer demand for an alternative email client, offering a product that’s incredibly fast, easy to use and which can easily replace Outlook in the email role without disrupting users’ work-all with the support of the trusted WordPerfect name.”

Search Email at the Speed of Life

The marquee feature of the new WordPerfect MAIL is its incredibly fast and comprehensive search capabilities. While Web searches take fractions of a second via search engines, searching email can be excruciatingly slow. Now, WordPerfect MAIL searches large in-boxes, folders, calendars, contacts lists and even attachments, and finds information using technology that has been clocked at more than an order of magnitude faster than leading email clients.
In addition to its industry-leading search speed, WordPerfect MAIL provides all the email capabilities expected by consumers and small businesses, plus more:

Email – WordPerfect MAIL provides the expected straightforward tools for composing, managing and viewing email messages, and also allows users to manage multiple accounts.

RSS Management – WordPerfect MAIL allows users to manage their RSS feeds in the same application as their email and calendar information, providing an easy tool to file and share RSS information.

Calendars – The calendar window lets users schedule events with ease and the convenient Date Picker lets users quickly consult the calendar at a glance from within the Mail window.

Contact Management – The Contact Manager lets users create, edit and manage contacts, import contacts from other email programs and create distribution lists. Categories provide an efficient way to manage contacts and contact lists.

Spam Protection – To protect users from junk email, WordPerfect MAIL harnesses the power of industry-leading anti-spam application SA Proxy Pro. SA Proxy Pro uses a five-point protection system to block spam, learning from stored email to filter incoming emails and scanning incoming email to minimize the amount of spam reaching users’ inboxes.

Pricing and Availability

Starting today, WordPerfect MAIL will be available as a standalone offering for at a suggested retail price (SRP) of $69 US/$89 CDN, or for as little as $29 US/$34 CDN when purchased along with any other WordPerfect Office product from Eligible products include WordPerfect Office 12 – Standard Edition, WordPerfect Office 12 – Professional Edition, WordPerfect Office 12 – Student and Teacher Edition and WordPerfect Office 12 – Home Edition.

WordPerfect MAIL is also available as a component of Corel’s new comprehensive productivity package for small business, WordPerfect Office 12 – Small Business Edition. For more information on WordPerfect Office 12 – Small Business Edition, please visit