The Opalis paper, titled “Resolving Critical
Business Problem Areas in Data Center Operations through Automation,” shows
how data center automation and integration can help IT organizations reduce
labor costs, improve service levels, and ensure more efficient resource
utilization in key areas of data center operations.
Further, the paper shows how automation and integration can streamline IT
processes by managing input from multiple sources and automating routine
tasks. Using automation, Opalis customers have realized significant time
savings that result in higher customer satisfaction, improved availability,
better SLA achievements, and improved productivity.
“IT operations staff and business executives alike are faced with the
challenges of keeping labor costs down, yet providing adequate service levels
and driving operational efficiency,” said Scott Broder, CEO for Opalis.
“Integrating and automating data center processes provides a powerful
combination to greatly increase the effectiveness of critical IT processes for
a diverse range of data center needs.”