Panorama Express 3.0 is
designed to make it easy for anyone to create, manage and publish
spectacular virtual tour packages. Users can simply open (or drag
and drop) their photos (standard 2D or panoramic) and Panorama
Express automatically creates a professional virtual tour complete
with transition effects, attractive cute skin packaging, engaging
startup screens and more. For the demanding professional,
Panorama Express comes packed with powerful features that
empower the user to add even the most advanced features very
quickly and easily.

Panorama Express 3.0 features include:

– Easy-to-use 1-step virtual tour wizard for simple virtual tour creation

– Smooth, high-quality full-screen rendering

– Multiple 360-degree panoramic scenes, on the fly panoramic
image generation from donut images

– Multiple still image (standard 2D) scenes

– Visual high-speed batch editing of all scenes and enhanced
multimedia content

– Powerful and flexible data loading options for fast virtual tour

– Visual specification of initial scene to load for greater control over
virtual tour presentation

– Customizable virtual tour navigation controls

– Multiple synchronized interactive maps and compasses

– Multiple hotspots and transition effects

– Multiple motion effects including full-fledged non-linear navigation
movies with frame-by-frame editing capability

– Fully customizable cute skins with dynamic resizing capability

– Background sound track for the entire virtual tour and separate
background sound tracks for each scene

– Integrated image processing with flexible output options

– Highly intuitive user interfaces based on intelligent animated
component grouping technology

– Engaging multimedia experiences with automated and
user-activated multimedia popup windows with videos and movies,
photo slides, animated text and voice narration, 3D visualizations
and more

Panorama Express 3.0 leverages the results of over 15 years of
cutting-edge imaging research and development to bring users the
full benefits of the only authentic and comprehensively patented
virtual tour system. The vast array of powerful new features in
Panorama Express 3.0 set it apart from the competition.