The online security company for 197 million active users, previewed the next version of the AVG Zen platform to mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). With the consumer launch currently planned for later this year, AVG Zen delivers a new family-first approach to security, including support for industry partner apps and wearables on customers' devices, all in one place.

AVG Zen User Dashboard

With digital lives becoming more complex in an Internet of Things world, security is now about protecting people as well as their devices and personal data. The next version of AVG Zen delivers three core pillars:

  • A subscription security service for families that includes AVG AntiVirus and AVG Cleaner and across their devices to give them confidence in their digital lifestyle. AVG AntiVirus for Android was the first mobile security product to enter the 100-500 million downloads category on the Google Play store.
  • A dedicated set of family products from Location Labs by AVG including phone controls, and location services.  Already offered by the top four US mobile operators, extending the availability of these products through AVG Zen makes it even easier for families to communicate and share location. Phone controls gives parents peace of mind when giving their children their first mobile device, allowing them to monitor and set limits.  
  • A platform for mobile operators to deliver context-aware solutions for core services. This could be, for example, notifying a user if they are running low on storage or approaching their data limit. AVG Zen is open to partners looking to expand their offerings directly to AVG's 197 million end users.
  • "People not only want their online rights to be recognized, they want more control and responsibility over their online actions and those of family members. But today, their online experience is still disconnected. In the 2015 consumer trust survey we carried out with MEF, 72 percent were not happy sharing personal data with apps, 40 percent named privacy and security as important when choosing a mobile device, and another 34 percent relied on dedicated security apps to protect them," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief Technology Officer, AVG Technologies. "Mobile operators and online security companies hold a trusted position in consumers' lives and we have the opportunity to transform their connected experience by bringing everything together all in one central place."
  • With global smartphones subscribers reaching 3.5 billion by 2019, industry figures calculate suppliers of Internet of Things product and service providers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion by 2020. Research  into data management and security services estimates these alone will drive revenues in excess of $1.8 billion in the same timeframe.
  • AVG Zen enables mobile operators to provide context-aware alerts, updates and information direct to the customer to give them control and transparency of their security across their family, data, and devices.