The holidays are here and once again we are faced with the stress of all of the wonderful traditions we try so hard to uphold.

How are you sending your holiday greetings this year? SendOutCards, along with, a Hawaii Based Company, is helping out small businesses and families. This new greeting card service mails real personalized greeting cards in the amount of time it takes to send an email.

Lanny Wilson from International Paper used this system in order to send greetings to his clients and family members. “I just don’t have the time to do these cards by hand, or the patience.”

There are those people who feel that sending greeting cards from the computer are too impersonal, despite the personal handwriting font and pictures. Sheryl Keller, stay at home mom, believes that the card must be hand written, licked, and stamped. “The meaning is lost if you don’t spend the hours doing it yourself.” has personalized these cards by allowing the user to submit their own handwriting and signatures and allowing them to upload pictures or design their own custom card.