Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. (Circle) is
preparing for commercial sales of its cmr(42) software throughout Canada, the
United States and Europe following regulatory approvals received in November
from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada and
the European Union.

“These regulatory approvals are significant milestones that position the
company ahead of its development plan,” says Greg Ogrodnick, CEO for Circle.

“We are now able to completely service cardiology specialists in the
advancement of patient care through enhanced diagnose.

“Our cmr(42) image post-processing software ( was
developed by physicians for physicians,” he says. “cmr(42) offers an easy to
navigate graphic user interface and a comprehensive set of analysis tools
designed to measure and calculate heart functions instantly and accurately.

This has the potential to allow a physician to identify a heart’s condition
more quickly and decrease the time it takes to diagnose a patient.”

Over the past year, Circle has developed over 45 beta sites in 12
countries that have been validating the software. The recent regulatory
approvals allow these sites to now purchase the software and apply it in a
live clinical environment.

“We are currently a beta site for cmr(42) and are now able to consider
purchasing the application for our institution,” says Dr. James White,
Division of Cardiology, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario.

“Circle’s development of cmr(42) illustrates Circle’s understanding of a
physician’s needs and demonstrates its ability to deliver a software tool that
performs image analysis efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. I can make
better use of my time by completing all of my evaluations using one

North America’s increasing demand for healthcare services, especially for
cardiology specialists, has contributed to healthcare waiting times. The
ability to perform image analysis with a robust tool set and optimized
workflow capability will allow physicians to spend less time on the analysis
and more time on meeting the increased demand for cardiac services.

Circle will officially launch cmr(42) at the SCMR conference in Orlando
in January, 2009.