Few events are as stressful as cooking
Thanksgiving dinner, but Take Control Books predicts a drop in frantic calls
from Canada to the Butterball Hotline this year as cooks turn instead to Joe
Kissell’s new user-friendly book Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner,
available at www.takecontrolbooks.com/thanksgiving.html.

The book is the brainchild of Joe Kissell, well-known computer book
author and head of the Geeky Gourmet blog at www.geekygourmet.com.

Kissell walks readers through all the steps: planning, shopping,
preparations the day before, and finally cooking the turkey and trimmings on
the big day. Detailed recipes are provided for traditional Thanksgiving
dishes, from turkey and stuffing to cranberry relish and pumpkin pie. “What
you see in this book may not be exactly the way your mom or your favorite
celebrity chef does it,” Kissell says. “But after extensive testing of the
recipes, I can assure you that if you follow them, you’ll enjoy cooking and
eating on Thanksgiving.”

Appendixes cover special cases from allergies to vegans. A special,
downloadable “Print Me” file provides shopping lists and schedules, as well as
concise versions of the recipes to tape up in the kitchen. Readers are
encouraged to modify the included shopping lists, schedules, and recipes to
suit their holiday traditions. All recipes include metric and U.S. units.

Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner costs $10 for the
instant-gratification ebook version or $19.99 for a printed book. The ebook
version is a carefully designed PDF file with hot links for cross-references
and mentioned Web sites, making it easy to navigate the book and access
recommended recipes and sites quickly; the print-book version is
professionally printed and bound with a lay-flat binding.