EVDB, Inc., a provider of event and venue aggregation and search technology for online applications, announced today that its EVDB Events and Venues Database is powering the live music search function of Podbop, a new service that combines concert information with podcasts allowing music fans to test-drive unfamiliar bands before buying concert tickets.

Podbop, available at http://podbop.org/ , won the first-place Best Mashup Award at Mashup Camp in California this week for the best application combining multiple web services. The site was created by Taylor McKnight and Daniel Westermann-Clark.

Podbop is using EVDB’s technology to enable users to search for live concerts by city. Search results are drawn from the EVDB database, a collaborative web services platform for aggregating, searching, indexing and publishing millions of events, venues, calendars and related information worldwide. The database was integrated into Podbop using the EVDB Web Services Application Programming Interface (API).

Users interested in learning about bands coming to their area can download free MP3s directly from Podbop, eliminating the need to track down websites and MP3s for each performer. The site also allows users to sign up for an RSS feed that will deliver automatic MP3 downloads when a band on the system is due to perform in their town. Independent labels including Saddle Creek, Sub Pop and Vagrant are already providing free downloads of more than 2,300 songs by 1,500 artists.

“Podbop is just one example of the tools and applications that can be built with our EVDB API, and industry watchers are saying that it’s the most interesting mashup yet,” said Brian Dear, founder and CEO of EVDB, Inc. “This is the tip of the iceberg in the mashup movement and the transition to the Web 2.0 era, and the Mashup Award proves that our platform has legs.”