iFOS Publishing announces the launch of ParentingTeensOnline, a robust online interactive magazine for the parents of teenagers, ages 12 to 19. This unique resource fills the information gap on teen issues and makes it possible for parents to get solutions to common problems without spending hours researching online.

According to findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, the physical presence of a parent in the home at key times, as well as parental connectedness and parental expectations are associated with appropriate adolescent health behavior. Experts say it’s absolutely imperative that parents go through the struggle of keeping in touch with their teens and revising their role as caregivers.

In order to empower parents and give them the tools they need to communicate with their children, ParentingTeensOnline cuts through the mass of existing Internet advice and offers practical help. An advisory board of professionals, as well as adjunct advisory boards made up of parents and teenagers, vet each article to be sure it’s cutting-edge, relevant, and on target.

“When I first saw the magazine, I thought, ‘how did they know what I am going through?'” said Marilyn James, a San Diego mother of one tween and one teen. “I’m thrilled that ParentingTeensOnline is tackling these tough concerns that all parents have. It’s well-written, easy to use — I can read online, or print it out.”

Professionals from school social workers to high school principals to guidance counselors are weighing in with praise for the new online magazine.

Recent issues cover:

  • — Adolescent health and sexuality (eating disorders, ADHD, sports injuries … )
  • — Teen sexuality (STDs, abstinence, “hooking up” …)
  • — Risk-taking behavior (binge drinking, drugs, driving …)
  • — Education (homework, teacher’s conferences, testing …)
  • — Teen depression (mood swings, stress, acting-out behavior)
  • — College (SATs, financing, scholarships …)
  • — Wired technology (MySpace.com, computer monitoring, cyberbullying …)
  • — Online and offline safety (blocking software, martial arts, awareness training …)
  • — Media (TV, movies, music, video games …)

Parents can sign up online for 12 monthly issues (just $10 per year, starting with one free trial issue) and each month they’ll receive a new magazine delivered to their email box. Every issue is like a mini-Web site, filled with useful suggestions and action-oriented tips. Parents can print out favorite articles or email them to friends and access many additional resources and videos through embedded links. ParentingTeensOnline differs from traditional publications in that you can always get old issues online, included in the price of your subscription.