Enterprises can speed the transition from
traditional voice networks to secure, reliable, high-quality IP telephony
while reducing both cost and risk with the latest Network Managed Service from

Nortel Managed VoIP Service with Proactive Voice Quality Management
(PVQM) provides round-the-clock IP telephony network operation and management,
along with the industry’s first comprehensive, real-time support for VoIP
quality of service.
For companies already using VoIP, this means predictable costs and
higher-quality service. For those still waiting to make the move, Managed VoIP
Service with PVQM complements Nortel’s simple, easy-to-implement IP telephony

“Ask companies what makes them hesitate to jump into voice over IP and
most will give you the same reasons – voice quality, cost, and lack of skills
to manage the transition,” said Nigel Parnell, vice president, Network Managed
Services, Nortel. “They want help dealing with these issues. They want
Business Made Simple. This service can help make that happen.”

“High voice quality is essential to providing our clients with the
premium level of service they’ve come to expect,” said T. Rajah, chief
information officer for CLSA, a Hong Kong-based brokerage firm. CLSA uses
Nortel’s Communication Server 1000 and Network Managed Services, and recently
ordered Managed VoIP Service with PVQM.

“We are convinced that proactive monitoring and management is the best
approach to achieving high-quality VoIP,” Rajah said. “Nortel has shown us how
outsourcing this unique service can provide significant cost savings over
trying to do it ourselves.”
Available globally from Nortel’s North America Network Management Center
in Raleigh, N.C., Managed VoIP Service with PVQM provides monitoring of voice
quality from network to handsets with real-time notification and rapid
resolution of any degradation.

Nortel has deployed IP telephony for thousands of customers around the
world, and has more than 15 years experience managing customer networks.
Rolls-Royce, Johnson Controls, Cadence, and Continuum Healthcare are among the
many organizations using Network Managed Services from Nortel to reduce risk
and control operating costs.

Nortel is further investing in its delivery capabilities for Network
Managed Services with the establishment of an Asia Network Management Center
in New Delhi, India. This new center joins the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and
Africa) Network Management Center in London and the one in Raleigh to provide
Network Managed Services around the world.

Nortel’s Network Managed Services provide multi-vendor, multi-technology
network and performance management, assisted operations, hosted solutions and
managed security across wireless and wireline data and voice networks. These
services are focused on helping customers transition from legacy networks to
converged solutions and next-generation technology. Network Managed Services
are part of the Nortel Global Services portfolio, which offers a full range of
network application, implementation, and support services for end-to-end
multi-vendor network.

Nortel is a recognized global market leader in converged IP solutions for
enterprises. Nortel combines extensive expertise in IP with a broad portfolio
of voice and data solutions to provide pre-configured IP migration packages
tailored to specific customer business needs.