The power of portability just got a lot more fashionable with the launch of the latest addition to Samsung’s line up of tech tools for Canada’s movers and shakers.

The Samsung N310 netbook, set to be released in Canada today, is the most fashionable netbook yet to be launched in the rapidly growing market of mini-laptops. The new netbook marries high style and high functionality for the ultimate sophistication. The N310 was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, a leading international designer who boasts more than 50 awards in Europe and Asia for his iconic lightweight and minimalist forms. The new netbook offers a sleek, frameless, scratch-resistant flat screen and pebble-design keyboard that is unmatched in its aesthetic quality and lets users surf in style.

The Samsung N310’s appearance is complemented by offering the lightest weight in its class and compactness that allows it to fit into any handbag or shoulder bag. Yet despite its size, the device offers an ergonomic keyboard that is 93 per cent the size of a standard desktop keyboard to make typing easy and efficient.

“Netbooks are growing exponentially in their popularity and for good reason,” said Ron Hulse, vice president, IT and Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics Canada. “People want their portable electronics to be as compact as possible, but just like cell phones and MP3 players, the aesthetic qualities of notebooks are becoming increasingly important.”

It also comes with more battery power for those who love to burn the midnight oil. The N310 offers a six-cell battery that provides up to 9.9 hours* of power. That’s 300 per cent more battery life than the typical three-cell battery used in netbooks.

The netbook comes equipped with the new Windows 7 operating system, just released by Microsoft. In addition, users can quickly transfer photos, movies and data to and from any modern multimedia device through the N310’s Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Meanwhile, the built-in 1.3 megapixel digital motion camera makes using VoIP telephony, video conferencing and live messaging easier than ever.

“We’ve designed the N310 to be an all-in-one solution for those who need to have the most critical computer tools with them wherever they go,” said Hulse. “Regardless of where you work or live or what you do for a living, this netbook allows you to be in touch and be in style.”

The Samsung N310 also comes with the company’s own ECO certification mark, which guarantees eco-friendly features, including the absence of hazardous substances and materials; optimized energy efficiency; and, effective material usage.

In addition to the N310, Samsung will also be releasing the R720 notebook and N130 netbook. The former is the perfect computer companion to the hardcore gamer or entertainment junkie. The R720 comes equipped with an ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD4650 graphics card, advanced 3D graphics processing power and a dedicated 1 GB GDDR3 memory to provide outstanding image quality on its 17.3″ LED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In contrast, the N130 is the Internet surfer’s dream come true with 250 GB of hard drive space (available only with Windows 7), 1 GB of memory and a 6.7-hour battery life. Also, DLNA is supported on Windows 7 Samsung netbooks and notebooks.