Vircom releases 5.0 upgrade to its modus email security technology and product line. In addition to more anti spam features, the latest revision features a new Policy Management module to help organizations protect against abuse, data theft and sabotage.

Email security software modusGate, receives an upgrade with version 5.0. The new revision features anti spam improvements, enhanced Sender Reputation System and a fully integrated Policy Management module to prevent data leakage through email.

This most recent offering from email security expert Vircom is available as a standalone software, a virtual appliance or a hardware appliance. ModusGate and modusMail 5.0 can now be deployed with the manufacturer’s new Policy Management module. This complete inbound and outbound solution enables organizations to control what content can and cannot leave or enter their local network through email, and how it should be processed: rejected, moderated, encrypted, archived or redirected.

Vircom CEO Sylvain Durocher comments: “With the increasing amounts of information transferred by email every day, data theft and leakage have become a growing threat for every organization. With corporate secrets comprising two-thirds of the value of firms’ information portfolio, businesses need to protect themselves. The Email Policy Management product is integrated to our high end modusGate and modusMail email security software and allows companies to protect their valuable information against theft and accidents, to enforce and monitor company policies, to prevent abuse and misuse and to keep a trace of what is being sent and received by the mail servers.”

Modus 5.0 offers an enhanced Sender Reputation System delivering sophisticated real-time IP reputation to counter ever-evolving modern botnets. It also adds quarantine report delegation, which allows end-users to offload the reviewing of their quarantine report to another person without affecting security or privacy. Additional new features include Microsoft Exchange 2010 support, integration of end-users’ Contacts and Safe Senders lists for automatic white-listing, and automated verification of all trusted addresses to prevent spoofing.

Optimized for small and medium-sized corporate and service provider environments, modusGate(tm) is an email security gateway that runs on Windows 2003, 2008 and Virtual Machines. It performs spam filtering and data leakage prevention for virtual and physical email servers, including Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as Lotus Domino and standard SMTP servers.