The iMaximize Social Security Calculator helps anyone at or nearing retirement age determine the best strategy to maximize Social Security benefits. There are over 700 unique filing strategies; however, the majority of Americans file early, at a reduced benefit, possibly leaving $100,000's in lifetime income on the table. iMaximize effortlessly calculates the most advantageous strategy for you and generates a detailed summary output that is easy to understand and follow. Don't make a mistake on what could be the largest component of your retirement income!

The iMaximize Social Security calculator only requires a few inputs to help navigate through the convoluted Social Security rules to select the user's optimal filing strategy. The calculator is uniquely tailored to the user by considering individual life expectancy, age, personal insurance amount (PIA), marital status, and current filing status. In addition to being a powerful calculation tool, this App includes a resource library which offers a wealth of pertinent Social Security information. Don't file for benefits without using iMaximize Social Security to confirm that you will receive the largest projected benefit possible!

The FREE iMaximize Social Security app is available in the Apple App Store, the Android Market and on the Web at Ensure that you take full advantage of the benefits available to you by using iMaximize today!

The iMaximize Social Security app was developed by a team of financial professionals, mathematical modeling experts, and top-notch software engineers. The team has created an exceptionally unique mobile/web tool that is easy to use and essential to individuals nearing retirement. To check out the spotlight video, please visit

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