Hunting and security equipment manufacturer Comanche Outfitters LLC used today to officially unveil their new flagship line of wireless hunting/security cameras called the "Kodiak Series." Equipped with a 12 megapixel image sensor, 720p HD video recording with audio, 40 invisible infrared LEDs, and an advanced motion detector, Kodiak Series Cameras are capable of capturing crystal clear shots at any time of day or night. Powered by as few as 4 AA batteries (with room for 8), the cameras can record for months at a time on a single set of batteries thanks to the units' motion detection setup. The motion sensor allows the camera to remain in a standby like state until it detects motion, which quickly activates the camera and captures the desired photo(s) or video. Although manufacturers have offered similar types of cameras for years as part of a growing category known throughout the hunting community as "trail cams," the Kodiak Series represents the first line of these cameras with fully integrated Wi-Fi functionality. This unique new feature allows users to retrieve recorded images and videos off their camera directly from their smartphone from up to 200 feet away, without the need for any external remotes or accessories. The company's free app for Android™ and iPhone™ enables anyone with a compatible phone to both change camera settings and retrieve stored media in just a few clicks.

For hunters, this feature means no longer having to worry about contaminating cameras with their scent (and scaring away potential game), or having to lug unwieldy laptops into the field while fumbling around with SD cards. For those more interested in keeping an eye on their property, however, the unit has the potential to provide instant wireless security at a fraction of the cost of standard systems, and without the need for access to a power outlet. Comanche Outfitters cites construction sites, storage units, trucks, trailers, boats, and certain remote locations as just a few of the potential security applications for the product. The company is also in talks with several law enforcement agencies regarding utilization of the camera in surveillance operations.

Each product variation in the Kodiak Series line is priced the same at $259.99, although the company is offering special limited-time discounts and free accessories to customers who pre-order directly from their website ( Comanche Outfitters has stated that unexpectedly high demand for the camera means that they are almost sold out of units for their initial September production run, but hope to have more cameras in stock within a few short months. The first cameras are currently scheduled for a mid-September 2014 release, and come in both black and Mossy Oak Break-Up® Infinity™ camouflage, with different infrared LED options available as well.

Comanche Outfitters will be performing the first public product demos at the Texas Trophy Hunter's Extravaganza in San Antonio, Texas on August 22nd, with additional events to follow shortly thereafter. Company reps also report that the cameras should be available at most major sporting goods retailers within several months, with one leading chain calling it a potential "game-changer". For more information and media visit