Gamers who want to make sure they never miss another video game release date now have a simple solution: GAME.minder v1.1, the free new iPhone/iOS app from Handelabra Studio LLC.

Currently tracking over 1,000 games, GAME.minder enables iPhone users to search and filter their favorite games by platform (including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and many others), title or release window. Once they find their games, users set a RE.minder, and GAME.minder does the rest. The app notifies the user when dates change and at one month, one week or one day before each release date.

GAME.minder is a fully interactive app, allowing users to request games to be added to the system or to report games with missing information, incorrect dates, wrong descriptions or offensive content. Once the issue has been fixed, Handelabra Studio notifies the reporter via email.

An in-app, $1.99 upgrade, dubbed GAME.minder ULTIMATE, adds popularity ratings to each game and shows how many other gamers are tracking its release. The ad-free GAME.minder ULTIMATE also allows the user to sort games by exact release date and by popularity. Once users have upgraded to GAME.minder ULTIMATE, they will receive all future updates and new features for free.

“We are excited to introduce the GAME.minder app to iPhone and iOS users,” stated Handelabra Studio founder Jeremy Handel. “Anyone who has ever heard about a great new game and then forgot all about it until after it came out can appreciate GAME.minder. Now, the minute they see an ad for an upcoming game release, they can easily make sure they won’t miss it.”