A new forecast released today by Mobile Experts predicts a shifting market for mobile communications base stations, with new technologies driving growth in the number of radio transceivers deployed annually. The forecast predicts that over 14 million radio transceivers will be installed during 2016, with more than half deployed for LTE services.

“Despite the rise of small cells, the macro infrastructure market will remain strong,” said Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts. “In particular, rising data traffic demand will drive a need for ongoing investment in the macro layer, especially for 3G, TD-LTE, and LTE-FDD systems.”

“Because of the complexity of LTE systems, the number of transceivers per base station is much higher than 2G or 3G systems. MIMO architectures are driving two to four transceivers per sector, and Active Antenna Systems (AAS) will drive even higher numbers of radios. Everything is changing in the base station: Power levels are changing, frequency bands are fragmenting, RRH units are growing, and the OEM mix is changing rapidly. Our forecast gets into the details.”