The founder of Nauvou introduces Partner Connect, a cloud-based portal system for manufacturers who sell through partners. Partner Connect specifically helps manufacturers of products with serial numbers, like cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs, and snowmobiles. With Partner Connect mid and small-sized manufacturers can take advantage of the latest web technologies.
Software veteran Eugene Jones said, according to, “Producing 21 percent of global manufactured products, the United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy. Isn’t it time that our manufacturers have the system necessary to sell directly into emerging economies? With international deployment becoming a necessity, even for small manufacturers, digital content, not the spoken word, is the language of sales.”

Nauvou helps manufacturers improve communications with their dealers and distributors. Complex ordering, where many options are available for each line item, is greatly improved over fax ordering. Option by option validation of the order occurs as the order is placed. Tracking of the order process as build occurs is provided.

Complete sales, marketing, literature, as well as the necessary technical library, is organized by the system, relieving dealers of the burden of updating their paper manuals.
Since partners use this system for day-to-day business, Partner Connect is the perfect vehicle for sales promotions, and gauging partner interest in new products.

Nauvou is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with servers around the world. Eugene Jones and John Green, the founders, have more than 60 years of experience creating better systems for large and small companies around the world. Previous clients range from The Central Bank of Russia, to Harvey Engineering and Manufacturing Company.