Borland Software Corporation today announced the launch of Borland® JBuilder® 2005, the newest version of its award-winning cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for Java™. JBuilder 2005, a “Develop” component of the Borland® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite for Java, offers the ability to simplify and speed Java development and optimize application design and quality. JBuilder 2005 also offers breakthrough functionality in security and performance management and expanded integration with Borland’s leading requirements and software configuration management tools, making it one of the most complete Java IDEs and ALM development offerings in the market today.

“As one of the recognized leaders in software development and Java, we understand the need for tools that simplify and improve the development process yet still offer the industrial-strength capabilities needed for enterprise applications,” said George Paolini, vice president and general manager of developer tools at Borland. “JBuilder is today’s best selling Java IDE because it meets this unique blend of needs.”

JBuilder 2005 continues to lead the charge on emerging Java standards, and incorporates support for new standards such as JavaServer™ Faces (JSF) and J2EE™ 1.4, important foundations for developing and deploying Web Services. JBuilder 2005 also includes advanced performance management capabilities, seamless integration with today’s leading application servers, expanded integration with Borland® CaliberRM™ and Borland® StarTeam® and easy access to important third-party development tool providers.

“Today’s enterprise IT staffs face several challenges, such as the need to ensure software quality and reliability in an environment where they also seek improved productivity and more consistent planning,” said Thomas Murphy, vice president, META Group. “This requires development solutions that integrate various tools and best practices, as well as those that enable not just individual productivity but team productivity and consistency through collaboration.”

This new version builds on the recent success of Borland® JBuilder® X, which was introduced October 2003 and saw the highest customer adoption of any previous JBuilder. JBuilder X has received a number of industry awards including the Java Developer’s Journal Readers Choice Award, Programmer’s Paradise Top Product Award, PC Magazine Best of the Year, and eWeek Labs Analyst’s Choice Award.

As the most recent version of the Borland award-winning IDE, JBuilder 2005 includes the following new and improved features:

*Integrated performance management capabilities – JBuilder 2005 now includes an integrated performance management suite enabling developers to build higher quality and higher performing applications that reduce risk of failure. This is especially important with the advancement of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). JBuilder 2005 offers full J2EE component level profiling with Borland® Optimizeit™ Request Analyzer, in addition to Borland® Optimizeit™ Profiler, Borland® Optimizeit™ Code Coverage and Borland® Optimizeit™ Thread Debugger.

*Support for JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Web applications – JSF support in JBuilder is integrated into the full development cycle, accelerating development of Web interfaces without forcing developers to lose control over their code.

*Support for the latest Java standards – JBuilder 2005 supports JDK 5.0, J2EE 1.4, and other new Java technologies to help simplify and accelerate adoption of the latest Java innovations, including Web Services.

*Features for improving software quality and security – JBuilder 2005 includes new audit capabilities to detect common coding errors and violations of recommended coding practices. A new Fortify Software® security plug-in for JBuilder also examines the code for security flaws during the development process.

*Expanded integration with the Borland ALM solutions – JBuilder 2005 offers more seamless integration with Borland CaliberRM and Borland StarTeam to provide direct access to requirements and software configuration management for better team collaboration. Team productivity is further improved with new distributed refactoring that enables refactoring information and history to be shared among team members and across projects. JBuilder 2005 also has enhanced integration with other leading SCM solutions and a new integration with the Subversion version control system.

JBuilder includes a large ecosystem of third party tools providers that extend the functionality of JBuilder via the OpenTools API. Premium tool providers offering SDKs and plug-ins as part of JBuilder 2005 include Business Objects, eBay, Fortify Software, Sybase and Vignette.

“This latest version of Borland JBuilder, with enhanced Web Services and integration capabilities, is designed to speed and ease Java application development,” said Matt Ackley, senior director of the eBay Developers Program. “With the latest version of JBuilder, members of the eBay Developers Program and the Borland Developer Network will have access to a sophisticated IDE that will enable them to build and deploy Java applications that tap into the power of the eBay platform.”

“Security is one of the top concerns for software today. With viruses and worms causing havoc on a daily basis, a solution is required to catch software vulnerabilities from the start, in the development phase, before applications are deployed,” said John M. Jack, president and CEO of Fortify Software. “Fortify Software for Borland JBuilder is designed to arm developers with tools to identify and eliminate security flaws in Java/J2EE applications from the outset, saving both time and money.”

“With the Vignette Portal plug-in for JBuilder 2005, customers will be able to develop, test and deploy standards-based portlets with unmatched response times, security and personalization,” said Fergus Griffin, senior director of product management for portal and collaboration products at Vignette. “Using Vignette’s wizard-based portlet plug-in for JBuilder 2005 should help customers reduce development time, lessen the burden on IT departments, and help drive business efficiency with enhanced employee, customer and partner portal functionality.”

While continuing to simplify Java development, JBuilder 2005 is designed to take Java programming to the next level for both the seasoned professional Java developer and new Java developers, helping to ensure a rapid application development approach to Java programming.

JBuilder 2005 will ship three editions in September, Borland® JBuilder® Enterprise, primarily for J2EE, Web application and Web Services development, Borland® JBuilder® Developer for Web application and code-centric development, and Borland® JBuilder® Foundation, a free, fully functional environment for Java development. JBuilder 2005 will be available on Windows®, Linux®, Solaris™ and Mac OS® X operating systems.

JBuilder 2005 will be available directly from Borland via the Borland sales force and online store at, as well as through reseller partners. JBuilder Foundation will be available free for download at