Top 60 Custom Solutions Built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 
by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy is a collection of the 60 most popular 
solutions to business problems that exist in most industries trying to 
implement Microsoft SharePoint  Server 2010. Geared toward .NET® 
developers, Pentsarskyy's book offers interactive examples, 
downloadable solution files and source codes to show how easy this 
new program can be. 

The new version of Microsoft SharePoint  has many new features, and 
Pentsarskyy's Top 60 Custom Solutions Built on Microsoft SharePoint® 
Server 2010 is a manual meant to guide and inform readers. 
Pentsarskyy offers new ways to think about the many features 
described, as he navigates through business and technical scenarios 
using the program. 

Pentsarskyy claims that the examples in the book and source codes 
are working and up to date because the book was written after 
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 was released. Designed to be an 
easy read, Pentsarskyy's book aims to introduce software developers 
to both the technology and the best practices to show them how to 
create low maintenance solutions fast. Solution driven and written with 
wit, this is a guide aimed at those unfamiliar with the product and those 
gearing up to use the new features.